Becoming A Life Coach

Life coaching is a global boom industry with an exciting future. But life coaches are still relatively thin on the ground in this country – making it a lucrative opportunity for anyone who’s ever wondered if they could become one. Are you one of those people? What exactly is life [...]


Stay Focused at Work

Being productive at work is directly dependent on your ability to focus on your current activity. I cringe when I think about how much time I have wasted thinking about where I was going to go for lunch! Those thoughts would start as soon as I got to work and would keep [...]


When you just know it works…

Since my journey with Life Coaching began I have completely redefined what success is for me and that definition continues to change from day to day.  My relationship with success has changed as well and rather than seeing it as one off big projects I now see it every day in [...]


Even a Stress-Reducing Expert Feels Stressed Sometimes!

I am the expert. I help people reduce their stress all the time, yet here I am, having to coach myself! I am feeling stressed! I have speeches coming up which I love doing. That isn’t the part that is causing me stress.  It’s all the prep, and going out of town! I have to make [...]


Time Waster #2, Definite Stress Inducer!

Time Waster Number 2: Getting Dressed in the Morning! Why are we so confused in the morning about clothes? Every day, we have to get dressed. Every day we have to decide what to wear, based on where we will be and what we will be doing. Still, we wait until morning, staring in [...]


Book Review - Get Clients Now!

Book Review - Get Clients Now! By C.J. Hayden (Second Edition – Amacom) Reviewed by Moira Lambert This is one for the new coach ready to launch their practice. Described as a ‘28 day marketing programme for Professionals, Consultants and Coaches’,. the book is very simply structured in the form [...]


Time Waster: Food Preparation

Wouldn’t you love to have more time? Here is an idea how to make time in your day without adding more work! I will add four more tips in upcoming blogs! Time Waster: Trying to decide what to eat when you are in a hurry, already hungry and you have other people to feed. [...]


Book Review - Brilliant Life

Brilliant Life By Michael Heppell Prentice Hall Life Reviewed by Charlie Adler ‘Brilliant Life’ by Michael Heppell is an easy read, easy to dip into book that takes you by the hand and guides you through aspects of the ‘Wheel of Life’ step by step. At a reasonable price of £9.99 [...]


Walk On

I just like to share this inspirational video with all of you...


Coaching Through Debt

I can still remember the day vividly: it was January the 3rd 2006. It was a cold, miserable day and I felt hopeless, guilty, scared and ready to run away from my life and all of my problems. So what changed for me that day? Well this was the day that I [...]


Success Stories - Jennifer Hampson

She says… My decision to sign up for The Coaching Academy’s Advanced Diploma in Coaching in 2003 still ranks among the best decisions I have ever made.   It set me on a career path that is fulfilling, exciting, and both personally and financially rewarding.  My business background After graduating in Spanish and French [...]


Winners & Winners

I've been silent for a while as I've been busy moving into a new office/counseling space. It certainly took longer than expected, steps had to be taken to soundproof the room, it is still not completed but I have already started seeing clients in this new space. So Yay!

Anyway, recently I heard an short audio recording of an interview of a well known successful real estate guy and he said something like, in the real world there are winner and there are losers. He said this in the context of winning money and losing money in real estate deals. I thought about this for a while, and I have to disagree with him.

I believe that when people 'lose' money, it is still an investment, it is an investment on self - investing on lessons in life. It is like one is paying for these lessons just as one would pay for education. Personally I think that in order to succeed, one must have a right perspective to 'winning' and 'losing'. Ultimately, there are no losers, because everything that we decide in life, we stand to gain. We gain in experience, we gain in wisdom, we gain in love, we gain financially and so on. It is simply a matter of putting things in the right perspective.

This is the same as dealing with addictions. I know many people who seek help with their addictions have often been labeled as 'losers' by their friends or family. This has such a big impact on their consciousness that they tend to believe that they will not succeed in whatever they set out to do. And unfortunately, many allow their addictions to send them to their deathbed.

Recently, someone sent me an email to share with me how as a hard core addict he lost many things in life, but he has since turned his life around and is counting his blessings now. To me, he is a winner. He won on all counts despite having 'lost' many of his material possessions, and is obviously wiser, he gained better health and is still on the road to recovery.

For anyone out there still battling with your addictions, know that you will soon be on your winning streak, change the perspective you hold of yourself and you will change our life.

I cheer you on!

© 2009


Discover 4 Steps to Improve Your Coaching Techniques

While there are a lot of coaches who are really effective, there are some who are simply unable to make an impact on the lives of their trainees. The difference usually lies on the techniques that they are using during their coaching programs. Here’s how you can improve your coaching [...]


Success Stories - Dominique Ventura

Life Is Not A Peaceful River I navigated for years on impetuous rivers and finally set ashore the world of coaching… It was the last day of the Dragon’s year and the first of my humble life. Being a leap year, I was, in fact, born on the 366th day. A few hours before [...]


Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting - Book Review

Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting By Lyn Grabhorn Mobius (4 Jul 2005) Reviewed by Yvette Bowen The title of Lyn Grabhorn’s book is a great indicator of the style and content. The author is an earthy Texan who has battled her own demons successfully and has presented her version of the Laws [...]


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