Winners & Winners

I've been silent for a while as I've been busy moving into a new office/counseling space. It certainly took longer than expected, steps had to be taken to soundproof the room, it is still not completed but I have already started seeing clients in this new space. So Yay!

Anyway, recently I heard an short audio recording of an interview of a well known successful real estate guy and he said something like, in the real world there are winner and there are losers. He said this in the context of winning money and losing money in real estate deals. I thought about this for a while, and I have to disagree with him.

I believe that when people 'lose' money, it is still an investment, it is an investment on self - investing on lessons in life. It is like one is paying for these lessons just as one would pay for education. Personally I think that in order to succeed, one must have a right perspective to 'winning' and 'losing'. Ultimately, there are no losers, because everything that we decide in life, we stand to gain. We gain in experience, we gain in wisdom, we gain in love, we gain financially and so on. It is simply a matter of putting things in the right perspective.

This is the same as dealing with addictions. I know many people who seek help with their addictions have often been labeled as 'losers' by their friends or family. This has such a big impact on their consciousness that they tend to believe that they will not succeed in whatever they set out to do. And unfortunately, many allow their addictions to send them to their deathbed.

Recently, someone sent me an email to share with me how as a hard core addict he lost many things in life, but he has since turned his life around and is counting his blessings now. To me, he is a winner. He won on all counts despite having 'lost' many of his material possessions, and is obviously wiser, he gained better health and is still on the road to recovery.

For anyone out there still battling with your addictions, know that you will soon be on your winning streak, change the perspective you hold of yourself and you will change our life.

I cheer you on!

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